3 myths about stone

There are few generaly accepted facts stone is heavy, stone is expensive and stainfull, well this is all wrong!

  1. Stone is heavy (granite weights in average 60 kg/mq in 2cm thickness and 90kg/mq in 3cm thickness, there is no need for additional reinforcement of your kitchen)
  2. Stone is expensive (granite has its place among luxurious material but definitely does not create a category unreachable by mortals, there is enormous amount of granites some of them are cheaper some of them expensive, if you are limited by budget let us know and we will help you to find a perfect choice for you)
  3. Stone is resistant to stains (mostly thanks to our vacuum impregnation VIVA, which seal all pores in stone and create the impenetrable protection of your kitchen top, you also get a set to revive your impregnation)

Comparison of materials

material pros cons comment

great utility properties


natural beauty


granit is best choice for kitchen top it provide a perfect balance of resistance, original patterns and cleaning is really easy

artificial stone

broad color range

pure white color

thickness from 12 mm

dimensions    300 x 140 cm

resistance to heat only 120 C

artificial stone allow you compose colors in your kitchen with no limits with still great utility properties on the other hand because of dimensions 300 x 140 cm do not choose it if you have kitchen island wider than 80 cm (horrible pruning) choose granit instead


imitation of marble, steel and others

utility properties equal to granite

slim 8mm

high price

ceramics is trend of last years using massive improvements in printing technology so it create almost identical imitation of marnle, steel and other interesting patterns. We recomend ceramics especially for tiles and paving where we could deliver to you a format up to 300 x 100 cm in one piece.

marble and travertin

artwork of nature

countless colours, veins, patterns

softer, less resistant compare to other materials

react with acid (wine, vinegar)

marble and travertin are mainly for tiles and paving both have amazing structure and is possible to follow the veins and stone drawing via whole room going from the floor to walls and create a real art

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