Kitchen work tops

In this section you will find everything you need to know about kitchen work tops. Website will introduce you materials, ways of elaboration and in the end also the price.

7 steps to choose the right kitchen top

  1. In the beginning ask yourself "What do you expect from your kitchen top?" (Great utility properties? Natural patterns? Specific colour?)
  2. Sink in to description of materials and utility properties. You might use some inspiration here.
  3. Visit our samples, see if you would be attracted by some specific material.
  4. Gather all your appliances and imagine them in your kitchen tops also think about edges, finish and accessories
  5. Go to "homepage" a hit "Tell me the price" button, then fill the form and call if you would have a hard time to finish it
  6. Now you should have a nice vision of your kitchen top also price. If you will have second thoughts or be unhappy about anything, call us, there is many alternatives and we are at your services.
  7. Final step after you will have what you want is the order.

List of materials

  1. Granite (we recommend this beautiful material with perfect utility properties)
  2. Artificial stone (perfect choice to modern kitchens, offers a broad colour scale including pure white with quality equal to granite except tempreture tolerance which is only up to 130 degree of Celsius)
  3. Ceramics (tiger amongs materials, using sofisticated technology to imitate a steel, granite, marble and many other materials with quality totaly equal to granite)
  4. Marble (material which is perfect for tiles and paving and with our unique finish also as a kitchen top)


  1. Profile (we offer many possibilities how to personalise your kitchen tops via different edges, profile etc.)
  2. Outcuts (according to your accessories there could be different outcuts)
  3. Sinks and drip area (you could customize the drip area according to your ideas)
  4. Maintaining (simple instruction how to keep your kitchen top nice and shining)