Instructions for claim

To speed up the completation of your claim please hold on to the information below.

Send an  email with folowing information:

Name and surname
Contact (phone and email)
Number and date of release of invoice
PHOTO of claim
Describtion of the problem, please carefully describe how the problem appeared with details and all aspects you migh find important.

Please make sure taht we have recieved your claim, after confirmation we offer you a solution within 30 days. Note that claim does not have to be confirmed, the claim rejection is possible if you use the product in contrast to an instruction or there appears a condition affects our product without our causing.a

Sen a claim via email to info@granitholec.cz or by post as a recommando to an address Granit Holec spol. s r.o., Chelčického 2292, Kroměříž 767 01