Cooperation with architects

At the moment we could elaborate stone to almost every thinkable form, only limits we have are the project budget and physical laws. If you have courageous project and looking for with suitable technology, know-how and sense for perfection, then you found a right company.

What could catch your attention

  1. Kitchen from stone (not only kitchen top and facing but also doors are from stone so the final impression is amazing, reference here.)
  2. Backlit facing from onice or ultra thin 5mm marble ( thic wall facing could be a dominant in room, reference here.)
  3. Large format tiles and paving (If you are looking for a large format we could offer you tiles up to 3000 x 1400 mm according to a material. Open book effect is implied. Check out for yourself in section interiors)
  4. Travertine tiles with texture (we offer custom production so you could choose any texture you want or design, more here.)
  5. Inovation (We are looking forward to join forces and create something amazing together!)