Granite is a stone that does not age

Granite holds in addition to excellent functional properties also very distinctive and irreplaceable charm. Will satisfy the most demanding customers who seek a combination of quality, elegance, timelessness and originality. Granite is very hard, unscratchable, acid and can withstand very high temperatures. 

The granite gives you a unique opportunity to set your ming fully on cooking and enjoy it

Utility properties of natural stone

  1. Hardness (you can process a meat directly on granite no wooden board is needed)
  2. Water resistance (with vacuum impregnation are all pores perfectly sealed)
  3. Resistance to a high temperature (you could easily put a pot with boiling water or even a pan with boiling oil directly to granit without any damages)
  4. Maintenance (cleaning is a piece of cake, you could use chemical and mechanical ways to keep your desk clean)



standard for all material is polished finish but some materials could be elaborated with patin, sateen, matt, honed, brushed, raw, water jet or unique finish just for you f.e. plastic texture finish. In case you are interested in any kind of finish above contact us and we give you further information, not every material provide all finishes.