Artificial stone Technistone

Do you like simple modern design with harmony of colours? On top of that with very good utility properties. Artificial stone compose of pulverized natural stone (approx. 93 %) mixed with conglomerate and dye (approx. 7 %) as a result you have a very hard, scratch and stain resistant kitchen top with only temperature limit of 120 C. On the other hand a big advantage is wide range of colors so the probability of finding a perfect match to your kitchen is very high. 

Utility properties of 

  1. High resistance of mechanical and chemical damage
  2. Non absorbing
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Colour uniformity for a complete look

Vlastnosti mramor

Comparison with a granite


+ wide range of colors

+ textures inspired by marble with better utility properties (hardness, non-absorbing, chemical resistance)


- dimensions 300 x 140 cm je inappropriate for kitchen island (enormous cut offs)

- temperature resistance only up to 120 C (granite up to 260 C)

- white colors are harder to maintenance


The absolute priviledge among artificial stones in Czech republic holds Technistone. We have completed many projects together with beautiful outcomes. Beside the Technistone we offer also Silestone, material from Spain, from company Cosentino which offers also hi-tech ceramics Dekton. Third choice which you can find in our company is Trafficstone from Italy.