Turn your ideas into reality

Mostly we meet a customer who has a different percieving of reality and have unique ideas. Together we start a project which is at the beginning impossible to complete but we are trying so long and so hard that so far always finding the succesfull end.

  1. Marble tiles as a heating (in cooperation with Czech technical university in Prague we have developed a slim marble tiles with inbuild heating so you could have beautiful design and safe energy because the heating is local and very efficient)
  2. Flying bar counter (there is no magic involved, we have create a clever support for the bar made of glass so the final image makes you believe that the bar is flying)
  3. Stone tables with heating (for some people is stone very cold so we put a heating in it and solve the problem)

In order to make the world a better place we have to join our forces and one way to do it is inspire each other