This hi-tech material is a hit of last few years. Massive technological progress in printing leads to ceramics with incredible imitation of natural marble and utility properties of granite. On top of that ceramics is perfect choice for large format tiles and paving.

Utility properties of ceramics

  1. Hardness (you can process a meat directly on granite no wooden board is needed)
  2. Color stability (color stays throu the years and also there is a high resistance to UV and light)
  3. Non - absorbing (no additional impregnation needed)
  4. Maintenance (cleaning is a piece of cake, you could use chemical and mechanical ways to keep your desk clean)
  5. Chemical resistance (to maintenance you could use any detergent or desinfection)
  6. Resistance to a high temperature (you could easily put a pot with boiling water or even a pan with boiling oil directly to granit without any damages)



Hi-tech ceramics made in Spain by Cosentino (also produce artificial stone Silestone) Dekton offers large dimensions and perfect imitation of marble (almost indistinguishable) in addition there is up to 8 different pattern of one material, veins could be connected through the patterns and create open book effect so you could create an amazing picture on your wall.

Technical data

  • Dimensions 3200 x 1440 mm
  • Thickness 20 mm (possible to use on kitchen top without additional reinforcements)
  • Imitation of marble
  • Realisations here.

Below is short video introducing Dekton



Young and promissing italian company with warehouse in Czech republic offers products with shorter delivery time. For kitchens there is 5+3 thickness or we could glue the profile for any thickness you want. Same as Dekton offers imitation of stone, marble, steel and concrete.

Technical data

Dimensions 3200 x 1600 mm only for thickness 12 mm

Dimensions 3000 x 1000 mm (better for tiles and paving then kitchen tops)

Different thicknesses 3 - 8 mm

References here.


3 means 3 mm without net, not self-supporting, for tiles

3+ means 3mm + kevlar net, self - supporting 

3+3 means ceramics 3mm + kevlar net + ceramics 3 mm

Offered thicknesses (3, 3+, 5, 7, 3+3, 5+3) for kitchens is only 5+3


Succesful spanish company with everlasting continual investments offer class A products with wide range of colours and dimensions. In video below you can briefly check mindblowing resistance of Neolith.


Neolith offers 2 dimensions and 3 thicknesses

3200 x 1500 for countertops 12 mm

3600 x 1200 for wall and flooring 3 a 6 mm


at the moment Neolith prepare slab with dimensions 3200 x 1600 x 20 mm

Far more details and info about company, products and pictures is here