Basically there is 5 ways how to install a sink into your kitchen top. Unfortunatelly it is not optional but it is defined by a manufacturer of a sink. Below is illustration for better idea.


The sink installation types

  1. FROM BELOW: perfect solution, easy to maintenance, very good looking
  2. SEMIFLUSH FROM BELOW: premium solution, same as "from below" but also creating an image of ultra thin desk near the sink
  3. LEVELED WITH KITCHEN TOP: do not recommend that, very difficult and expensive and not easy to maintenance
  4. FROM ABOVE: well functional economy solution, problematic maintenance, water stone on joints
  5. STONE SINK: if you want we could create a sink from the very same material you would choose for your kitchen top, everything is optional (dimensions etc.), but it is expensive

ATENTION: always respect the technical data on your sink and orded the sink installation according tho the instruction!!! Also sink must be present during measurement!!!