Large format tiles and paving

Do you like seamless solution but you also demand a hardness and resistance? Maybe the perfect product for you is large format tiles and paving. Dimensions up to 3000 x 1400 mm give you an opportunity to minimalise a number of joints and just enjoy marble, granite or ceramics in your home.


Continuity of drawing and seams

We have a little confession to make...We worhip open book effect and we enjoy to solve a puzzle how to assemble the tiles the way that drawing on the floor and walls match and not only in the room but in the whole floor!


What is open book effect?

you have generally two choices how to assembly your tiles

Open book Butterfly wings
10 11
motyli kridla Vzor malovn


If you are shivering and can't think about anything else than open book, call me :-) + 420 608 727 211 Filip Holec CEO